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All information on our site is intended for informational purposes only. All that is written- online casino bonus details, casino and mobile reviews and all other information- are true at the time of publication, but BonusWire.com does not guarantee that all information is accurate at all times nor we guarantee or warn visitors to the accuracy and reliability of the content. We should not be held responsible for any misrepresentation and outdated information.

If you visit another site from our site, we do not guarantee the reliability and correctness of the content and the activities of those sites. The links on our site are for informational purposes. Our reviews about other sites are not endorsements and we are not responsible for the positive and negative dealings with those websites.

Those affiliated with BonusWire.com should not be held responsible for any activities on this or other associated websites. We are not responsible for the gains or losses by other persons that might arise from this or other associated websites. BonusWire.com does not encourage underage or illegal gambling not is should be held responsible for a person’s gambling addictions.

BonusWire.com accepts no responsibility whatsoever related with online casino gambling and we are not responsible for your actions. This includes where you gamble online. Please make sure that online gambling is legal in your area, state, country and jurisdiction. If you are not sure, contact legal counsel to learn more about the legal gambling laws. Using services or any information on our site that breaks laws is strictly prohibited and BonusWire.com is not responsible for those actions.

It is the responsibility of the players to contact individual online casinos and verify that they are eligible to receive any bonus from the place they reside.

BonusWire.com reserves the rights to change these terms and conditions. Access after a change has been made, means that you accept the modified terms of use. You should periodically read the terms and conditions on our site in order to stay up to date.

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